there's a lake and and i'm at the bottom swimming because i'm a fucking fish

7 December 1989
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let's sift through the static
My name is Lucía, you can call me Lu, whatever, whatever. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Google is a wonderful thing. I'm Long Island obsessed. That means 99.9% of these posts are about a) Taking Back Sunday, b) Brand New, c) Their boyfriends, d) All of the above. The remaining 0.1% is a mix of random crap. I also do not look like Kristen Stewart. Matt Rubano is my dream boyfriend and IDGAF. I'm still a kid at heart. I have really weird dreams and thoughts that are usually later made LJ entries (part of that random crap 0.1% I told you about). I play guitar, keyboards, draw, write music, anything but study. And... that.
This one time, I decided I was leaving LiveJournal but then came back about 32 seconds later because I'm a sillyface. No, AKSHUALLY, that happened twice.

I listen to: Brand New. Taking Back Sunday. Kevin Devine. Kris Allen. Eisley. Straylight Run. Taylor Swift. Paramore. Fiona Apple. Marit Larsen. Regina Spektor. Linkin Park. She & Him. Bright Eyes. Michelle Branch.
I watch: American Idol. Skins. Law & Order. Coldcase. Gossip Girl. CSI.

technocolours is the John Nolan to my Jesse Lacey.
givesyouhell is the Kris Allen to my Adam Lambert.
jess_izzle is the Sailor Moon to my Sailor Jupiter and the Claro to my Claro!
skaleez is the Brian Lane to my Jesse Lacey and the Adam Lazzara to my Matt Rubano.
lindseylovestbs is the Demi Lovato to my Selena Gomez.
endorsements is the Anton Yelchin to my Christian Bale.
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